Partition: The Lost Heer Project

Born in Delhi, India and now living in Canada, Harleen Singh is a historian and scholar working on the ‘Lost Heer Project’, a research venture uncovering hidden histories through the art of storytelling. He archives his findings on his Instagram page @thesingingsingh in an attempt to make history accessible and enlightening. As we commemorate the … Continue reading Partition: The Lost Heer Project

Rupinder Kaur: Caste in Pataal Lok, Panjab and the Diaspora

Pataal Lok (2020) is a crime investigation Amazon Prime series produced by the Indian film actress Anushka Sharma. After its release, earlier this year, many Indians and diaspora Sikhs took to social media to air their disdain on the portrayal of jatt Sikh men in the context of caste discrimination and violence. Rupinder Kaur is a … Continue reading Rupinder Kaur: Caste in Pataal Lok, Panjab and the Diaspora

Baby Brain Memoirs on Mental Health & Down’s Syndrome

Baby Brain Memoirs I first started blogging as an outlet for making sense of my feelings that I can only describe as being alien to me at the time. I experienced this straight after the birth of my first born, a son. Before his arrival I had everything worked out, however when the little guy … Continue reading Baby Brain Memoirs on Mental Health & Down’s Syndrome

Interview: Managing Mental Health in a Pandemic

Harpreet Sanghera is a team manager working for a leading organisation in mental health in the West Midlands. Her role comes with the responsibility of a nineteen member staff who are each responsible for the care of mental health patients. Having qualified as a psychologist from Coventry University in November 2014, Harpreet has given four … Continue reading Interview: Managing Mental Health in a Pandemic

The Diaspora Screen Media Network

The Diaspora Screen Media Network (DSMN) is a research project headed by Professor Janet Wilson (Principal Investigator), Professor Rajinder Dudrah (Co Investigator) and Dr David Simmons (Research Co-Ordinator). DSMN explores the new developments taking place in Black British and British Asian cinema and screen media in the digital age. The network does this by bringing … Continue reading The Diaspora Screen Media Network

BCU Symposium: Sholay at 45

Following on from my blog on the iconic Bollywood film Sholay (1975), and the call for papers for the 'Sholay at 45' symposium at Birmingham City University (BCU), I share with all interested parties the full programme for the day. Papers for the Symposium have been confirmed with film scholars, students and film-goers from around the globe in attendance. … Continue reading BCU Symposium: Sholay at 45

Dr. Nadia discusses Faith and Therapy

Tell us about yourself and why you started a page about faith and mental health. I’m a Muslim Psychologist. This page is about an integration of faith and mental health as both are extremely important to me. They are not often spoken about in the same room and this is problematic. I am passionate about … Continue reading Dr. Nadia discusses Faith and Therapy

Sholay & Slanguages: Kitne dialogues hai – in popular culture?

In 2020 Ramesh Sippy’s superhit film Sholay turns forty-five. The journal of South Asian Popular Culture have called for papers and presentations to be submitted for its one day symposium at Birmingham City University. Academics and fans of popular Hindi cinema will come together to celebrate and debate the 45th milestone of one of Indian … Continue reading Sholay & Slanguages: Kitne dialogues hai – in popular culture?

MannMukti on Mental Health

Tell us about MannMukti and what prompted you to start the organisation?   In the fall of 2015, I lost my childhood best friend to mental illness. I felt that what he went through could’ve been avoided or at least improved if there was something to encourage South Asians to open up about mental health. … Continue reading MannMukti on Mental Health