Pamli weds Sarah: PS Love Wins

Pamli and Sarah are in a mixed race same-sex marriage. Sarah is British Irish Jamaican Turkish and Pamli is British Indian Punjabi. The two met in 2015 and married on the 12th of April in 2019. Soon after, Pamli and Sarah started an Instagram page called PS love wins. It’s become a safe space for … Continue reading Pamli weds Sarah: PS Love Wins

Faraz Arif Ansari on Filmmaking & Queer Identity

Faraz Arif Ansari is an Indian filmmaker and the director of Sisak, India's first silent LGBT film. I came across his work at the first British Asian LGBT conference held in Birmingham in the UK in 2018 where Sisak was screened at the day's end. Faraz and I connected on twitter after the screening of … Continue reading Faraz Arif Ansari on Filmmaking & Queer Identity

Part One: Muslim and Gay

I interviewed British Pakistani Muslim Adil Khan just weeks after he had come out to his friends and family about being gay. Adil was somewhat tense yet animated as he recounted his experiences and told me in his interview that as a South Asian man, and more specifically a Muslim, his sexuality often met with … Continue reading Part One: Muslim and Gay